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  • August 11 - Dusk Dash @ Swope Park (Night MTB Ride)

Friday, December 24, 2010

2011 upcoming promotions...

January 15, Saturday, 9:00 am--Gravel between the Lakes, Metric Century Gravel Grinder, Starts and Ends at Sunflower OUtdoor and Bike, we'll head north and west toward Lake Perry then head south toward the Kansas River and Clinton Lake, go across the dam and swing out towards Lonestar Lake before coming back into town near Haskell.

February 12, Saturday, 9:00 am--MetroGreen Loop, mileage undetermined at this time...using paved/limestone trails in kc with some potential for easy singletrack also. There will also be some pavement to get between some stuff...I'm thinking around 80 miles with a lunch stop around 50....of course it is february and i could be completely off my rocker...we'll see how winter is treating us here in a month or so...

Spring 2011
Beginning early March I will be hosting a weekly track race series. yes that's right TRACK RACING SERIES. as in fixies...i don't care if you have drop bars though, what gear you run, or what tires you have either. this will not be in the same place every week, but will be in the same general area (midtownish) and will vary between paved and grass tracks. I literally just thought this up an hour ago, so more details to come when I get back into KC and get some scouting done...I am going to try and have the days and times (which will be the same every week) and venues all lined up for an 8 race series. Most likely Wednesday nights. Keep it open.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

pic from mr. weibe

new pic at the top is from the halcyon holiday gravel grinder courtesy of warran wiebe ...good group shot on a pavement connection.

see you january 15th for gravel between the lakes! another brutal metric century between lakes perry, clinton and lonestar. more details coming soon!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

hhgg photos

ok got it figured out...that was quick...short re-cap below the photos!

Halcyon Holiday Gravel Grinder wrap-up and next production...

WOW! What an absolutely awesome turnout! 20-25 people came out to tackle some gravel south of Lawrence, Kansas, USA. A big group held together most all the ride, and the sun finally decided to come out from behind the clouds at the end of the ride. A perfect 5-10 mph south wind wasn't cold, but wasn't warm going in to it or getting the cross wind, but it sure was nice going back to Lawrence from Baldwin. And how'd you guys like 1750 road after the overlook point? :) It's one of my favorite parts at least.

I was so psyched I got to share that route with everyone that came out...even though I need to work on my directional cues and even though I got dropped on my own ride :) We did have some good exploration, including a little "freeway" ride on the freshly graded dirt of the brand new highway 59. That was an unexpected treat. Sorry I wasn't there to clarify the "dead end" /gated road near the end...It's a very fun B-road through the future (way future) lawrence wastewater treatment plant. If you rode it great! if not, oh well.

john williams has sent me some photos already, I will get them up as soon as I figure out this macbook software a little more...if you have anymore e-mail them to me, bscm8 (at) umkc (dot) edu

The next event I'll be hosting is this:

Metric Century Gravel Grinder
Lawrence, KS, USA
Saturday Jaunary 15, 2011
9:00 am
Starts and ends at Sunflower Bike, 8th and Mass
FREE PARKING in the garage at 10th and New Hampshire
Map here: http://www.mapmytri.com/routes/view/26179510
If you thought yesterday had some climbing, you better bring your legs in January. Gravel hills north of Lawrence are nastyyyy.

See you all on the gravel again soon! Don't forget about our local series!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Halcyon Holiday Gravel Grinder juicy details

Route map:

Start: 9 am Sunflower Outdoor and Bike, 8th and Mass
Finish: Sunflower Outdoor and Bike
Pit Stops: Baldwin x2 (miles 23 and 46), Wellsville (mile 36)
Metric Century. 63 miles total
Make sure you know directions north, south, east, west, or are with someone who does.

Bike Recommendations:
OK, I am riding a fixed gear, mtb frame set up with cx components (skinny carbon fork, drop bars, etc). My gear ratio is 2:1 (34-17), but I like to spin a little more than the average guy to save my knees for later. If this were a race, I would probably run something more like 2.3:1 (34-15, 39-17, 46-20, 43-19, -ish ranges). I have front brake only and feel like this should suffice, not too many hardcore sketchy downhills, as long as the roads aren't too icy :) For tires I have a 38cc Specialized Crossroads in the front and a 35cc Ritchey Speedmax on the rear (both are faster rolling treads with side knobbies, highly recommend them for gravel) and I plan to run about 55 psi up front and about 58-60 psi in the rear. I would recommend around the same PSI ranges for your Cross bike set-ups.

If you're coming on a mtb don't worry! I've done plenty of gravel grinders on my fat knobbies. Definitely try to get some fast rolling tires if you can or even some fatty slicks would work. I've done gravel grinders on full suspension bikes, full rigid mtbs and front suspension mtbs. For full suspensions I recommend putting on your pro pedal or locking out the rear suspension and probably the front for most parts too, until you get fatigued (suspension on gravel is really nice sometimes :) Run 60 psi in your fatty tires, they'll suck up a lot of shock and higher psi will let you roll faster.

For rigid mtb guys, 50 psi will take a little of the edge off and still not make you feel like your bogging in the sand. Ergon grips are helpful as hell, so are bar ends. Dead wrists due to bad position and lack of position options is way too common in these type of rides...move around your bars, a lot, your arms will thank you later.

make sure you have at least 2 tubes, and a hand pump or co2. I will have a schreader adapter for gas station air when we roll through towns so we can pop some in there if needed, but you gotta get there! Also recommended is multi-tool, chain breaker, extra links, zip ties, patch kit, and emergency tire boots. And TP. This is what I'll be packing, along with 2 water bottles.

dress in layers...it's supposed to be 28 when we take off and around 40 by rides end. I recommend starting cold, we'll warm up fast in the rollers south of town, and go through 3 towns for warm-up opportunities and gain 12-15 degrees during the time we'll be out.

see you tomorrow!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Halcyon Holiday & Gravel between the Lakes

This weekend!!!!!!

Halcyon Holiday

January 15
Gravel Between the Lakes
Metric Century Gravel Grinder

Monday, December 13, 2010

halcyon map

details below.

Halcyon Holiday details

OK folks, this week is it, the long anticipated Halcyon Holiday Gravel Grinder is here!!!

Metric Century!
Will have 3 potential pit stop areas! (Baldwin x2 and Wellsville)
Gravel, roller, gravel, roller and repeat...bring your legs!
Ride starts at 9:00 am sharp.
Sunflower Outdoor and Bike
8th and Massachusetts, Lawrence, Kansas, USA
Cue sheets and maps will be provided.
Route can be viewed here: http://www.mapmytri.com/routes/view/26131428\
We will break into fast and slow guys once we get out of Lawrence going south.
Please bring tubes, patch kit, air pump, cell phone, flares, etc.

questions, bscm8 (at) umkc.edu, or 785-nine79-too7zero6

mtbkc.blogspot.com for the latest.

See you saturday!

--brett shoffner

Friday, December 10, 2010

winter wander postponed

hey everyone:

the winter wander ride scheduled for sunday has been postponed due to surely terribly cold weather. See you next week in Lawrence for the Halcyon HOliday Gravel Grinder.

--brett shoffner

Friday, December 3, 2010

Winter Wander Dirty Road Ride

More details:

Gonna be about 50 miles.
Probably 60%+ pavement. Also lots of river levees. And some easy singletrack.

Route will go: West Bottoms, Kansas River, MO River, East Bottoms, Blue River, Stadium Area, Swope Park, Trolly Track Trail.

This ride will be no-drop (at least from my stand-point). Fast guys can go ahead, but no guarentee that you'll know where to go. This is a dirty exploration ride.

You can figure it out from there, for now :)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

MTB-KC Dirty Road Ride Series

December 12, Sunday, 9:00 am--Winter Wander Dirty Road Ride (from Volker Velowerx-18th street)

December 18, Saturday 9:00 am--Halcyon Holiday Gravel Grinder (from Sunflower Bikes)

January 15, Saturday, 9:00 am--Gravel between the Lakes (likely from Free State High)

February 12, Saturday, 9:00 am--MetroGreen Loop. (likely from Volker 39)

also, see below or guru's gravel grinders.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010



Wednesday evening gravel gringer group rides.

Tuesday November 30, 6:15 pm-Hyde Park CX 4
Saturday December 4, 10:00 am-MO State CX Championships
Sunday December 5, 10:00 am-Kansas State CX Championships
Tuesday December 7, 6:15 pm-Hyde Park CX 5
Sunday December 12, 9:00 am-Winter Wander Dirty Road Ride
Tuesday December 14, 6:15 pm, Hyde Park CX finale
Saturday December 18, 9:00 am, Halcyon Holiday Gravel Grinder
Friday December 31, 10:00 am, Cross off the Old Year
Sunday January 2, 10:00 am, Epic Holiday Cross
Sunday January 9, 10:00 am, Grote Prijs Shawnee
Saturday January 15, 9:00 am, Gravel between the Lakes
Sunday Jaunary 30, ???, Belton-Drexel-Belton
Saturday February 5, ??? am, http://chuckyschallenge.blogspot.com/
Saturday February 12, 9:00 am, MetroGreen Loop
Saturday February 19, 10:00 am, Mullet's Revenge Gravel Grinder
Saturday February 26, 10:00 am, CIRREM Gravel Grinder
Saturday March 19, ??? am, MWI Gentleman's Race
Saturday June 4, 6:00 am, Dirty Kanza.

If you have something you know of or are putting on and want it publicized on here e-mail, bscm8 (at) umkc (dot) edu

enjoy the off road winter goodness :)

Friday, November 12, 2010

new stuff

Hyde Park CX Series
Tuesday Nights 6:15 pm
Hyde Park
November 16 and 30,
December 7 and 14 !!!

MTB-KC Winter Wander
Sunday, December 12 9:00 am
Leave from Volker Velowerx, 18th and Wyandotte
Dirty riding through the East/West Bottoms, Riverfront, Cliff Drive, and Crossroads.
30-40ish miles.

MTB-KC Halcyon Holiday Gravel Grinder
Saturday, December 18 9:00 am
Leave from Sunflower Bike Shop, 8th and Massachusetts, Lawrence, KS
70ish miles, going through at least 2 other major towns (probably 3-Ottawa, Baldwin, Wellsville?)

Are you ready for gravel season? :D

Friday, October 15, 2010

10-14-10 results

well...season is wrapping up nicely...last night was small to say the least...it is getting dark and colder i suppose, but still.

1st--Justin F...50 points
2nd--Clay W...40 points
3rd--Brett S...30 points

yea, just 3 people and I didn;t even flip my wheel from fixed to free...sad time KC, I expect more.

2 more weeks. you don't know what you got 'til it's gone.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Urban Art Bicycle Tour

Urban Art Bicycle Tour

New date/time to accomodate more people :)

November 5 (First Friday)

5:00 pm-ish Dinner/Drinks in Crossroads..suggestions welcomed.
7:00 pm UAT starts at Volker Velowerx, 18th and Wyandotte, across from Arts Incubator, next to YJ's

Tour will last 2-3 hours and go through the crossroads, downtown, 18th and vine, plaza and finish in westport for more socializing.

Make sure you have flat repair/bus fare/ride backup...we're going to be hitting some dirty dirty.

details here:

Friday, October 8, 2010

10/7/10 short track resuts

justin killed it again last night. Mike G. gave him a good run though...come on out next week and see if you can keep up!

1st place...justin f...25 points
2nd place...mike g...20 points
3rd place...clay w...15 points
4th place...gabriel...10 points
5th place...hector...5 points

see you next week!!! 3 weeks left.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

9/30/10 short track

ohhh buddy, that justin dude is slowly making KC realize he is the real fast deal pimping on the single speed. He crushed the competition on his first TNT, adding to his recent victory at KC Cup.

9/30/10 results...double points
1st place...Justin F...50 points
2nd place...Cliff S...40 points
3rd place...Clay W...30 points
4th place...Brant...20 points
5th place...Warren N...10 points

remember..we're still going stong thru october...check this out if you wanna do wednesday night racing too...Swayze CX.

see you this Thursday!

Friday, September 24, 2010

9/23/10 short track results.

rain held off just long enough. still plenty of light at 6 pm...for now

9/23/10 results

Mike G...25 points
Clay W...20 points
Rich...15 points
Warren N...10 points
Brett C...5 points

Aubree D...25 points

see you next week.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

don't forget...6 pm tomorrow

that's right people...thursday night short track/cx practice is still going strong through the end of October. Here are the dates left...hopefully 6 pm will give us enough light through then...

September 23
September 30...double points night
October 7
October 14...double points night
October 21
October 28...double points, last race of fall short track series.

As you can see...lots of nights to earn points still to get yourself up there in the overall standings. MTB or CX bikes welcome.

We will still be varying the course and direction every week...I'd expect a few more barriers and grass sections for CX season though :) But there will still be plenty of single track too (on dry weeks)

Questions/concerns bscm8 (at) umkc.edu or (seven-ate-five) 9 seven 9-too, 7, zero, six

Friday, September 17, 2010

9-16-10 short track results

people brought the skinny tires out last night...ended up being a good call, even though doug s still crushed everyone on his fully. kc cup is going to be fun, especially since we're showcasing some of the course we ride every single week :) ~!

9-16-10 results

Kat...25 points

Doug S...25 points
JPB...20 points
Tom P...15 points
Brett C...10 points
Adam K...5 points

Remember...next week we're moving race time up to 6:00 pm. Warm-up's 5:30ish, as soon as you can get there from work :) See you next week at 6.

oh yea...we start at the lodge/dining hall area!!! final set of buildings, top of the hill, I thought that had been established but last night showed otherwise obviously.

Friday, September 10, 2010

where was everyone?

so it was just jpb, cliff s and I at swope thursday. wtf kansas city? I am so disappointed after we had finally been at 20+ riders the past couple weeks. you know it was a small race when I won it, i mean, come on. don't make the small group feel bad for me so I get a pity W....be there this thursday to get warmed up for kc cup and come warm up for cross...we are going to run the "exact" cross race, so bring those skinny tires this week.

9-9-10 results
1st--Brett S...25 points
2nd--JPB...20 points
3rd--Cliff S...15 points

Also, after this weeks races (after KC Cup), new start time will be 5:30 warm-ups, 6:00 race. We're losing sunlight so we gotta go earlier...see you this week!!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

tomorrow 9-2...

Looks like the rain is here for maybe another hour or two...we've only gotten 1.11 inches so far, so maybe 1.5 inches total, definitely less than 2. If this is all the rain we're going to get before tomorrow evening, we're on. If it get up over 2-2.5 inches of rain then we're off.

call/text tomorrow for the latest...785,979,27,06

Friday, August 27, 2010

8-26 short track results

Super fast race tonight...lots of people said it is great training for the upcoming cross season...short and intense, lots of cornering and some wide open areas. Results:

1st--Kay L...25 points

1st--Doug S...25 points
2nd--Andy L...20 points
3rd--Roger W...15 points
4th--Brian D...10 points
5th--Michael G...5 points

See you next week!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Spiderfest Short Track Pics

Pre-race meeting.

Karen B. wiping up the competition, once again.

This is how we do it.

Monkey man getting his swerve on.

Even the kiddies got in on it.

Photos courtesy of ERTA/Matt Woody.

Monday, August 23, 2010

cancellations :'(

Well folks mother nature had some poopy plans for us last week...but we still managed to squeeze in 3/6 races. Congrats to the following "podium" peoples:

Smithville Short Track
1st place--Justin G
2nd place--JPB
3rd place--Brett S

1st place--Karen B.

Swope Park Long Short Track/Short XC
1st place--Doug S.
2nd Place--Justin G.
3rd place--Cliff S.

1st Place--Karen B.
2nd place--Kay L.

Shawnee Mission Dirty Time Trial
1st Place--JPB
2nd Place--Justin G.
3rd Place--Roger W.

1st Place--Karen B.
2nd Place--Kay L.

Justin G and Karen B are the overall Tour of Kansas City winners!!! Congrats to King Justin and to Queen Karen.

Don't forget Thursday nights at Swope...bring them fat or skinny knobbies...Colavita might be having a little MTB short track race at our cross race in september...but you didn't hear that from me :)

Next big MTB-KC event will be Ocotber 30 in conjunction with the Earthriders: a Kansas City Urban Art tour. Details on the right side -->

"Super Cross" will be at swope sometime in November :)

Winter Wander KC Epic ride will be Dec. 11.

Halcyon Holiday Gravel Grinder will be December 18. Details again on the right side -->

Thursday, August 19, 2010

great night!

Probably had around 20 start the race, only 12 finished. Lots of pinch flats tonight throwing in the yellow line :) I even had one warming up...

Karen B...100 points ToKC...50 points short track
Kay L...90 points ToKC...40 points short track

Doug S...100..50
Justin G...90..40
Cliff S...80..30
Mark K...70..20
Warren N...50...
David M...30...
Tyler T...20...
Matt B...10...

Remember, stocksdale night race...7:30ish check in..8 pm roll time. I really need help getting tape off the course afterwards if you can oblige :) I am goig to try to keep it minimal, but stocksdale has lots of intersections. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE LIGHTS...that being said, I will have an extra if some one absolutely needs one or doesn't own one and wants to race :) Also I will be riding over to smithville afterward to camp if anyone is interested in some pre-spiderfest camping action.

Saturday is Smithville Spiderfest...group run/ride at 3...5:45 short trace...6:15 food...6:30 trail building...7:00 raffle...night laps...beer and more camping.

Sunday I'll be riding from smithville to landhal in the morning to get out for the super d. 2:00 pm warm-up registration...3 pm first runs.

all details are on this blog, scroll down or look at older posts. (maps included)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

All in the Family

It was a Brocket rocket sweep tonight at SMP. Karen and JP both spun out the fastest times to start the MTB Tour of KC Challenge. Full results...

JPB...11 min 3 sec...100 points
Justin G...11 min 8 sec...90 points
Roger W...11 min 21 sec...80 points
Tyler T...13 min 57 sec...70 points
Lee...14 min 17 sec...60 points
Matt B...19 min 8 sec...50 points

Karen B...14 min 37 sec...100 points
Kay W...14 min 54 sec...90 points
Susie S...15 min 28 sec...80 points

Swope tomorrow! Stocksdale Friday night :) Smithville saturday, super-d sunday!!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

SMP Dirty TT is on!

We're on Wednesday evening.

5:45ish by the tennis courts if you wanna race.
first one will go off at 6:15-6:30ish.

one loop of the orange trail, counter clockwise.



Tonight cancelled.

mother nature rained on our parade.

check back tomorrow to see if SMP is still a go...

Monday, August 16, 2010

MTB tour of KC

Don't forget this week!!!

Look down the page for more details.

Blue River Time Trial will meet under the bridge down from the Sand Trap bar and grill.

see you tomorrow or sometime this week!

August 12 short track results

1--Justin G. 25 points
2--Bryce L. 20 points
3--Brian D. 15 points
4--Wes B. 10 points
5--Cliff S. 5 points

Next week is double points!!! And it will be using part of the yellow trail on phase three of the swope park trails. Expect around a 45-60 minute race.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Halcyon Holiday

Have been getting great reception about the Halcyon Holiday Gravel Grinder. Keep spreading the good word! I want to see 100+ of you on December 18, let's make it happen :)

Details here: http://mtbkc.blogspot.com/2010/08/december-18halcyon-holiday.html

Got a little blurb on Gravel Grinder News.

And Cornbread is gonna try to round up some peeps from Nebraskey to come down and show us how to ride gravel. You may have heard of this Cornbread guy...he won a little race called the Dirty Kanza 2010, in 13 hours. (bug eyes)

and the route down right now is tentative...until I get out and ride it (which may not be until september, october or november) no route is final...be rest assured though that I will have an official map on mapmyride to download at least 2 weeks prior to the race. And of couse I'll have cue sheets for you, courtesy of my tuition dollars at UMKC :)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

December 18...Halcyon Holiday

In the spirit of the Dirty Kanza, Gravel Worlds, Farmhouse Classic, Chucky's Challenge, CIREM, Trans-Iowa, and Guru's Gravel Grinders...

MTB-KC Presents:

Halcyon Holiday Gravel Grinder.


Ride begins 8 am at Hy-Vee, 23rd and Kasold, Lawrence, Kansas.

Saturday December 18, 2010.

Route is entirely self-supported. It will pass through 3 towns with gas stations/restaurants/etc (Ottawa, Wellsville, Baldwin City).

Route is 73 miles with lots of gravel roads and some pavement through towns. The first 6-ish miles will be on multi-use trail south of Lawrence and go across the Clinton Lake dam before getting into some nasty rolling gravel going south to Ottawa.

mtbkc.blogspot.com for the latest.

August 4 Short Track Results

1-Andy Lucas 25 points
2-JP Brocket 20 points
3-Josh Patterson 15 points
4-Cliff Straub 10 points
5-Tim Green 5 points

Overall is now being kept on the right side.

See you next week. Good warm-up for RIM :)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Serengei Swing @ Blue River

Tuesday August 17.
Warm-up/registration--5:45 pm
First racer--6:30 pm
1 lap clockwise, Wagon-->Serengeti Trails
Fastest time is the winner.
Top ten earn oints towards overall MTB-KC King/Queen of Kansas City.

Shawnee Mission Park Dirty Time Trial

Wednesday August 18.
Warm-up/registration--5:45 pm
First racer--6:30 pm
Counterclockwise lap on the orange loop.
Fastest time wins.
Top ten earn overall points towards MTB-KC King/Queen of Kansas City.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Stocksdale/Walnut Woods Night XC

Friday August 20.

Warm-up/registation: 7 pm
Race begins: 8 pm
3 laps, Counter-clockwise

Smithville Spiderfest Short Track

Saturday August 21
3:00 pm Group ride/run/hike begins
5:30 pm Check-in for short track race, sailboat cove.
5:45 pm Short Track race begins around Sailboat Cove.
6:15 pm Food provided by Earthriders Trails Association
7:00 pm Prize Raffle

For more information about the ERTA Smithville Spiderfest please visit:

The Short Track race will run for approximately 20 minutes.
Top Ten placers earn points toward overall crown of MTB-KC King/Queen of Kansas City.

sailboat cove directions: http://earthriders.com/trails/trail.php?s=mo&file=smithville.xml

Trail map:http://www.northlandtrails.org/maps/smvmtb.htm

Scout Camp Super-D Details

Sunday August 22
Warm-ups/Registration @ Start line: 2 pm
First runs begin: 3 pm
Combined time of 2 runs.
Top Ten recieve points towards MTB-KC King/Queen of Kansas City.

MTB-KC Tour of Kansas City Challenge

Let's hope this extreme-o dry weather holds up for another couple weeks. Here is the new schedule of the MTB-KC Tour of Kansas City Challenge. Same old races, a few new ones :) Should be a good time.

Tuesday 8-17 Serengeti Swing Time Trial @ Minor Park
Wednesday 8-18 Shawnee Mission Park Dirty Time Trial
Thursday 8-19 Swope Cross Country Criterium
Friday 8-20 Stocksdale/Walnut Woods Cross Country Race
Saturday 8-21 Smithville Spiderfest Short Track
Sunday 8-22 Scout Camp Super-D @ Landahl

Besides the individual race challenges, there will be an overall challenge as well. Top ten from every race will accumuliate overall points based upon this scale:

1st--100 points
2nd--90 points
3rd--80 points
4th--70 points
5th--60 points
6th--50 points
7th--40 points
8th--30 points
9th--20 points
10th--10 points

We'll see who can hold up to 6 days of racing in a row to be crowned the:
MTB-KC King of Kansas City.
MTB-KC Queen of Kansas City

brett shoffner.
seven ate five, 9 seven 9,too, seven zero, 6.
bscm8 (at) umkc (dot) edu

See you then.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Tour of KC events postponed.

Due to personal issues, I have decided to postpone the MTB Tour of Kansas City events for this week.

They will be rescheduled.

This includes:

August 4--SMP Dirty Time Trial
August 5--Swope Short Track Race
August 7--Landahl Super-D

The short track series will resume normally August 12. August 19 will be a double points night.

If you feel the need to have an explanation please visit kcrastarider.blogspot.com and read the italicized text in the latest posting.

Thank you all for your support of these events and I'll see you august 12!

Friday, July 30, 2010

7-29 short track results

1--Garet S 25 points
2--Brian D 20 ponts
3--Cliff S 15 points
5--Warren N 5 points

Overall Series Points
Wes B. 25 points
Garet S. 25 points
Brian D. 20 points
Brett S. 20 points
Tyler S. 15 points
Cliff S. 15 points
Todd B. 10 ponts
Warren N. 5 points
Phil W. 5 points

edit: 8-3-10.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Your upcoming MTB-KC ride schedule...

Every Thursday 6pm Short Track Races at Swope
August 4: SMP Dirty Time Trial
August 5: Swope XC Crit (40 min + 4 laps)
August 7: Scout Camp Super-D
November-ish: Super Cross @ Swope
December 11: Winter Wander around KC Metro
December 18: Halcyon Holiday Gravel Grinder cicra Lawrence

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tour of KC Races

During the MTB-KC Tour of Kansas City there will be 3 races held.

Wednesday August 4: Shawnee Mission Park Time Trial, meet by 6 pm near the Tennis Court trail head.

Thursday August 5: Swope Cross Country Criterium, double points race for the overall short track series, post-race beer provided by Boulevard Brewery and the Boulevard/KCOI Cycling Team (special thanks to Pat!)

Saturday August 7: Scout Camp Super-D @ Landahl, warm-ups and registration at 7:30 am, first runs begin at 9 am.


No Race tonight 7-22

Too much rain tuesday, still pretty slick out and a good sized muddy area on the south side, not worth the damage that would be done.

See you next week!

Friday, July 16, 2010

1st Night Short Track Results

Good hard race last night. I promptly vomed after the 3 laps of hell. Good for the heart, lungs and legs though. Super fast course, once it burns in a little more people that know how to handle cross bikes will murder this course. Results from last night and series points...

1-Wes B. 25 points
2-Brett S. 20 points
3-Tyler S. 15 points
4-Todd B. 10 ponts
5-Phil W. 5 points

The respective bike selection was fully rigid Single speed 29r, front suspension Single Speed 29r, full suspension 26r, cross bike, cross bike, for those of you comtemplating bike selections.

Scout Camp Super-D Rescheduled Date!

Saturday August 7.

7:30 am Registration and warm-up runs

9:00 am First Run

Who: You.
What: MTB-KC Scout Camp Super-D Race
When: August 7, 2010 9:00 AM
Where: Landahl MTB Park, Blue Springs, MO
Why: Why not.
Cost: $0
Race Details: Super-D style course, 3 runs, overall combined time, 1,2,3,4,5 places. Points towards overall MTB-KC Tour of Kansas City Title.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dirty Thursday Short Track @ Swope

MTB-KC Presents:

Dirty Thursdays at Swope Park!!!

Who: Cyclocross and mountian bikers alike!
What: Dirt crits, short track MtB, cyclocross, call it what you will!
When: 6:00 pm, Thursday evenings, July 15—October 28
Where: Swope Park, Camp Lake of the Woods
Why: Why not?
Cost: $0
Format: Show and go, Format/course direction will change weekly


Questions: Brett Shoffner, 785-nine79-too706, bscm8 (at) umkc.edu

mtbkc.blogspot.com for more.

MTB-KC Tour of Kansas City, August 6/7/8

Well folks, I'll bring my jonesing here to share at home with everyone. Lets ride everywhere in KC during a weekend! Blue River, Kill Creek, SMP, Smithville, Stocksdale, Landahl, Swope. The roadie Tour of KC has been cancelled, but we'll have our own fun. This will be a riding/camping event or a riding/go home for the night thing if you want too :) We'll ride/ride between a few trail systems and camp for the night and do it again the next day.

More details to come, I just hatched up this idea...

Monday, July 5, 2010

Scout Camp Super -D postponed.

Due to unforseen school circumstances and rescheduled MTB races, the scout camp super D has been indefinitely postponed. It will happen this year, just not sure when yet. Check back for more later!

and look for something at Perry on July 31, the day before the UFD Crocodile Rock race there.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Scout Camp Super-D Details

Who: You.
What: MTB-KC Scout Camp Super-D Race
When: July 11, 2010 12:00 PM
Where: Landahl MTB Park, Blue Springs, MO
Why: Why not.
Cost: 21+ = 6 pack of beer, -21 = a bag of snacks
Race Details: Super-D style course, 3 runs, overall combined time, 1,2,3 places. Hill climb competition, winner gets a prize.

See you there!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Scout Camp Super-D

The next MTB-KC event is in the works for Sunday July 11 at Landahl MTB Park in Blue Springs, MO. The event will be an alleycat-style super-d race. We will use the combined times of three runs to declare 1,2,3 places. Entry fees will be a 6 pack of beer for those 21+ and a bag of snacks for those -21. Riders will depart every 2 minutes. The course will begin at the double track at the top leading to dave's maze, go down's dave's across a very tiny section of rim, then down the scout trail all the way into the camp. It isn't completely downhill, but pretty damn close. Details in easier format:

Scout Camp Super-D
Landahl MTB Park
Sunday July 11, 2010
mtbkc.blogspot.com for more

Thursday, May 20, 2010

lawrence legato cancelled, to be rescheduled...

Hello all:

The lawrence legato mountain bike ride has been cancelled due to mother nature's showers. it will be rescheduled for a future date.

Instead, I highly suggest attending the trail work day from 8-12 saturday morning in swope park. see www.swopetrails.com for more info.

thank you all for the support and sorry the ride couldn't go on!

--brett shoffner

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lawrence Legato, May 22



Cue sheet:

Start Free State Brewery
Go North across Mass Street to Levee
Levee east to River Trail trail head
River Trail full loop
River trail start east until Mud Creek
Mud Creek cut-off to levee
Levee north (right) to Alexander Road
Alexander Road west turns into N1700 road
N1700 road west to E1600 Road
E1600 road north past the airport turns into N1950 road
N1950 road northwest to E1500 road
E1500 road north to N2100 road
N2100 road west to County Road 1045/Wellman Road
Wellman road north to 3rd street
3rd street west to Rice Road
Rice Road South to Hwy-24 northwest (turn right)
Hwy-24 northwest (approx 2 miles) to Phillips Road (at big curve in the road)
Phillips road south to 5th street
5th street west to Pawnee road
Pawnee road south to 3rd street
3rd street west to Osage road
Osage road north to 5th Street
5th street west to Linn road
Linn road north to 12th Street
12th street west to County Road 1029 (Perry will be on your northwest, gas stations here)
CO Road 1029 south through Lecompton to East 5th Street
5th Street east to Jones Street
Jones Street South until N2050 Road/River Road
N2050 east to E850 road
E 850 road south to N1850 road
N1850 road west to E800 road/Trailridge road
E 800 road south to N1550 road
N1550 road west to E700 Road
E700 road south into Clinton Lake State Park to N1415 Road (Old Church)
N1415 road east to N1402 Road (Corps of Engineering Entrance/Free Entrance)
Free Trailhead to White trail west
White Trail out to skills Park area
Skills park back to Blue Trail east
Blue Trail east to Free Trailhead
Free Trailhead/N1402 road north to E900 road
E900 road south to South Lawrence Trafficway Bike Trail (approx .2 miles on left side)
SLT Bike trail east through Sesquicentennial Park/YSI
SLT Bike trail east to Hollywood Theatre Trailhead
Theatre Trailhead north to 33rd Street
33rd Street east to Ousdahl Road (past Wal-Mart)
Ousdahl road north to 31st street
31st street east to Haskell Avenue
Haskell Ave north to 29th street
29th street west to Haskell Rail Trail
Haskell Rail Trail north under 23rd street bridge to Burroughs Creek Trail
Burroughs Creek Trail--Under construction, there may be some rough going
Burroughs Creek Trail north to 11th Street (public works department)
11th street west to New Hampshire Street
New Hampshire street north to 7th street
7th street west to Massachusetts
End at Free State Brewery

See you May 22 in Lawrence!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Good ride!

Thanks to Gabriel, Griffin, Micah, Dan O and the Dirty Kanza's own Jim C for coming out and making the inagural MTB-KC event a success! Good ride at a good pace. Finished 56-ish miles in about 4.5 hours, with a few pee breaks, a couple mechanical breaks, and a quik trip stop thrown in for good measure. Hope to see you all at the Lawrence Legato May 22! Look for levy, singletrack, gravel roads, more single track, commuter trail and just a very tiny section of road to get you back to free state brewery :)

Friday, April 2, 2010

New details for April 3


MTB-Kansas City 60 Miler Cue Sheet

Mill Creek Park south to Trolley Track Trail (49th and Brookside)
Trolley Track Trail to 85th and Holmes (gas station in north east corner)
Holmes south to 99th Street Indian Creek Trailhead
Indian Creek Trail west to 143rd Street (in Olathe)
143rd/Sheridan west to Ridgeview Road
Ridgeview road north to Kansas City Road Park (actual park-There is a Connector running northwest)
Mill Creek Connector (south of pond going northwest) north to Mill Creek Trail
(If you get lost here, head west to Northgate, turn north and go to the Streamway Trail Park)
Mill Creek Trail north to Starwood Park/Gravel Road (right before Shawnee Mission Parkway)
(This is a very long, remote stretch, be prepared!)
Gravel Road east (past stables) to Midland Drive
Midland Dr. east turns into Blackfish Parkway
Blackfish Parkway east turns into 75th street
75th Street east to Kings Cove Drive/Turkey Creek Trailhead (right before I-35)
Turkey Creek Trail north to Waterfall Park (Trail ends)
Through Waterfall Park to Merriam Drive
Merriam Drive northeast turns into Southwest Blvd.
Southwest Blvd northeast to 31st street (Quik Trip)
31st street east to Roanoke Road
Roanoke Road south to 43rd Street (Cross Southwest Trafficway)
43rd street east to JC Nichols Parkway/Mill Creek Park
Finish at Mill Creek Park

Route will be about 60 miles of a lot of commuter trail and bike route connections.

See you there!

We're still on!

[b]This event is still on![/b]

Hello all:

The singletrack is portion of tomorrow's MTB-KC ride is obviously going to get cut out, but there will be an alternate route we will be taking. This ride will be road bike friendly (but bumpy), super cross bike friendly, obviosuly MTB friendly and probably end up around 75 miles on mostly some commuter trail routes and roads. Meet at 8 am on the Plaza by the horse statue in JC nichols park if you would like to join the adventure. Cue sheets will be provided. Good weather tomorrow, no rain and sunny! see mtbkc.blogspot.com for more

hope to see you there.
--brett shoffner

More details in about an hour...

Monday, March 29, 2010

We're on!

MTB-KC 90 miler is Saturday!!! Weather forecast is looking good, hopefully it stays that way. Hope to see you there!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

December to Remember

December 11: MTB-KC Winter Wander

December 18: MTB-KC Halcyon Holiday

So there's hardly any races/rides in the middle of December around here...except for these new adventures! Hope to see you out there and at all the other MTB-KC events!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

90 miler Cue Sheet

Cue Sheets are printed and stapled. Thank you UMKC!

MTB-Kansas City 90 Miler Cue Sheet

Mill Creek Park south to Trolley Track Trail
Trolley Track Trail to Meyer Blvd.
East on Meyer into Swope Park
South/East on Mall Dr. to Elmwood Ave.
Elmwood Ave south to Gregory
Gregory east to Oldham Rd
Oldham east to Swope trails
Swope trails countercloskwiseclockwise
Trailhead west on Oldham
Oldham west to Blue River road
Blue River Road south to Red Bridge Rd.
Red Bridge Rd. West into Minor Park.
South through the park to River Trail
River Trail south to Martha Truman Culvert
Martha Truman Climb south to Highline
Highline south to BoHaCa
BoHaCa north to Basement Trail
Basement Trail south to Ox Bow Run
Ox Bow Run south to Wagon Trail
Wagon Trail south to Serengeti
Serengeti north to Blue Ridge Blvd.
Blue Ridge Blvd west to State Line Rd.
State Line north to 123rd Street
123rd Street west to Tomahawk Connector (northwest)
Tomahawk Connector north to Tomahawk Creek Trail
Tomahawk Creek Trail north to Indian Creek Trail (right after College Blvd)
Indian Creek Trail west to 135th Street
135th Street west to Ridgeview Road
Ridgeview road north to Kansas City Road Park (through park-Connector)
Mill Creek Connector north to Mill Creek Trail
Mill Creek Trail north to Shawnee Mission Park
SMP trails Clockwise (red trail out/back)Counterclockwise
SMP Trailhead east out of park to 79th Street
79th Street east to Renner Road
Renner Rd. north to Midland Drive
Midland Dr. east turns into Blackfish Parkway
Blackfish Parkway east turns into 75th street
75th Street east to Kings Cove Drive/Turkey Creek Trailhead (right before I-35)
Turkey Creek Trail north to Waterfall Park
Through Waterfall Park to Merriam Drive
Merriam Drive northeast turns into Southwest Blvd.
Southwest Blvd northeast to 31st street (Quik Trip)
31st street east to Roanoke Road
Roanoke Road south to 43rd Street
43rd street east to JC Nichols Parkway/Mill Creek Park
Finish at Mill Creek Park

Remember, April 3 8:00 am, Mill Creek Park on the Plaza!!!

Be safe and have fun!!!

MTB-KC 90 miler Details

Official Details...

Introducing: MTB-KC 90 miler

April 3. 8 am, Start/end at the Horse Fountain in Mill Creek Park on the Plaza

~90 miles of Mountian bike fun in the Kansas City Urban Core!

single track trail systems: Swope, Blue River Parkway, Shawnee Mission Park
commuter trail systems: trolly track, tomahawk creek, indian creek, mill creek, turkey creek and roads to connect everything

Here's the rundown. Approximated it is 89.5 miles, who knows actual mileage.


***This map does not reflect true mileage as it does not include singletrack we will be riding.

Mill Creek Park Start

Start through Trolly Track Trail 3 miles

63rd/Meyer-->Swope 5.5 miles

Swope 7 miles

Swope-->BuRP 7 miles
Blue River Road

BuRP 10 miles
River Trail
East side Connection

BuRP-->Paved System 4 miles

Tomahawk Creek 2 miles

Indian Creek 13 miles

Indian Creek-->KC Rd park 1.5 miles

Mill Creek 10 miles

SMP Trails 10 miles
Figure 8 Orange-Red-Purple
Figure 8 opposite direction (minus red)

SMP-->Turkey Creek 6 miles

Turkey Creek 3.5 miles

Merriam Lane/SW Blvd 6 miles

Roanoke-->43rd 2.5 miles

Mill Creek Park End

This is a no cost show and go ride with absolutely no support from anyone but yourself and/or the group you are riding with. Plenty of gas stations/restaurants/bike shops near the route. come join the fun.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Coming soon...


Here's some preliminary details for the MTB-KC Series:

These are not races. There will be no scoring or prizes.

These are totally self supported adventures (cue sheets will be provided)

Fun and challenging!!!

April 3--MTB-KC 90 Miler
*Utilizing the Swope, BuRP, SMP, Trolley Track, Tomahawk Creek, Indian Creek, Mill Creek, and Turkey Creek Trail Systems

May 22--Lawrence Legato
*Utilizing the River Trail, Clinton, Burroughs Creek, Haskell Rail, and South Lawrence Trafficway Trail Systems

July 31--SOS! (Stocksdale Obbligato Smithville)
*Utilizing the Stocksdale and Smithville trail systems, plus some of Clay County's backroads

August 7--12 hours of Landahl
*Utilizing the Landahl Park Trail System

http://mtbkc.blogspot.com/ for more information.