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  • August 11 - Dusk Dash @ Swope Park (Night MTB Ride)

Monday, August 23, 2010

cancellations :'(

Well folks mother nature had some poopy plans for us last week...but we still managed to squeeze in 3/6 races. Congrats to the following "podium" peoples:

Smithville Short Track
1st place--Justin G
2nd place--JPB
3rd place--Brett S

1st place--Karen B.

Swope Park Long Short Track/Short XC
1st place--Doug S.
2nd Place--Justin G.
3rd place--Cliff S.

1st Place--Karen B.
2nd place--Kay L.

Shawnee Mission Dirty Time Trial
1st Place--JPB
2nd Place--Justin G.
3rd Place--Roger W.

1st Place--Karen B.
2nd Place--Kay L.

Justin G and Karen B are the overall Tour of Kansas City winners!!! Congrats to King Justin and to Queen Karen.

Don't forget Thursday nights at Swope...bring them fat or skinny knobbies...Colavita might be having a little MTB short track race at our cross race in september...but you didn't hear that from me :)

Next big MTB-KC event will be Ocotber 30 in conjunction with the Earthriders: a Kansas City Urban Art tour. Details on the right side -->

"Super Cross" will be at swope sometime in November :)

Winter Wander KC Epic ride will be Dec. 11.

Halcyon Holiday Gravel Grinder will be December 18. Details again on the right side -->


  1. Will this coming up Thursday be Short Track, or Long Short Track/Short XC?