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  • August 11 - Dusk Dash @ Swope Park (Night MTB Ride)

Friday, August 27, 2010

8-26 short track results

Super fast race tonight...lots of people said it is great training for the upcoming cross season...short and intense, lots of cornering and some wide open areas. Results:

1st--Kay L...25 points

1st--Doug S...25 points
2nd--Andy L...20 points
3rd--Roger W...15 points
4th--Brian D...10 points
5th--Michael G...5 points

See you next week!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Spiderfest Short Track Pics

Pre-race meeting.

Karen B. wiping up the competition, once again.

This is how we do it.

Monkey man getting his swerve on.

Even the kiddies got in on it.

Photos courtesy of ERTA/Matt Woody.

Monday, August 23, 2010

cancellations :'(

Well folks mother nature had some poopy plans for us last week...but we still managed to squeeze in 3/6 races. Congrats to the following "podium" peoples:

Smithville Short Track
1st place--Justin G
2nd place--JPB
3rd place--Brett S

1st place--Karen B.

Swope Park Long Short Track/Short XC
1st place--Doug S.
2nd Place--Justin G.
3rd place--Cliff S.

1st Place--Karen B.
2nd place--Kay L.

Shawnee Mission Dirty Time Trial
1st Place--JPB
2nd Place--Justin G.
3rd Place--Roger W.

1st Place--Karen B.
2nd Place--Kay L.

Justin G and Karen B are the overall Tour of Kansas City winners!!! Congrats to King Justin and to Queen Karen.

Don't forget Thursday nights at Swope...bring them fat or skinny knobbies...Colavita might be having a little MTB short track race at our cross race in september...but you didn't hear that from me :)

Next big MTB-KC event will be Ocotber 30 in conjunction with the Earthriders: a Kansas City Urban Art tour. Details on the right side -->

"Super Cross" will be at swope sometime in November :)

Winter Wander KC Epic ride will be Dec. 11.

Halcyon Holiday Gravel Grinder will be December 18. Details again on the right side -->

Thursday, August 19, 2010

great night!

Probably had around 20 start the race, only 12 finished. Lots of pinch flats tonight throwing in the yellow line :) I even had one warming up...

Karen B...100 points ToKC...50 points short track
Kay L...90 points ToKC...40 points short track

Doug S...100..50
Justin G...90..40
Cliff S...80..30
Mark K...70..20
Warren N...50...
David M...30...
Tyler T...20...
Matt B...10...

Remember, stocksdale night race...7:30ish check in..8 pm roll time. I really need help getting tape off the course afterwards if you can oblige :) I am goig to try to keep it minimal, but stocksdale has lots of intersections. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE LIGHTS...that being said, I will have an extra if some one absolutely needs one or doesn't own one and wants to race :) Also I will be riding over to smithville afterward to camp if anyone is interested in some pre-spiderfest camping action.

Saturday is Smithville Spiderfest...group run/ride at 3...5:45 short trace...6:15 food...6:30 trail building...7:00 raffle...night laps...beer and more camping.

Sunday I'll be riding from smithville to landhal in the morning to get out for the super d. 2:00 pm warm-up registration...3 pm first runs.

all details are on this blog, scroll down or look at older posts. (maps included)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

All in the Family

It was a Brocket rocket sweep tonight at SMP. Karen and JP both spun out the fastest times to start the MTB Tour of KC Challenge. Full results...

JPB...11 min 3 sec...100 points
Justin G...11 min 8 sec...90 points
Roger W...11 min 21 sec...80 points
Tyler T...13 min 57 sec...70 points
Lee...14 min 17 sec...60 points
Matt B...19 min 8 sec...50 points

Karen B...14 min 37 sec...100 points
Kay W...14 min 54 sec...90 points
Susie S...15 min 28 sec...80 points

Swope tomorrow! Stocksdale Friday night :) Smithville saturday, super-d sunday!!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

SMP Dirty TT is on!

We're on Wednesday evening.

5:45ish by the tennis courts if you wanna race.
first one will go off at 6:15-6:30ish.

one loop of the orange trail, counter clockwise.



Tonight cancelled.

mother nature rained on our parade.

check back tomorrow to see if SMP is still a go...

Monday, August 16, 2010

MTB tour of KC

Don't forget this week!!!

Look down the page for more details.

Blue River Time Trial will meet under the bridge down from the Sand Trap bar and grill.

see you tomorrow or sometime this week!

August 12 short track results

1--Justin G. 25 points
2--Bryce L. 20 points
3--Brian D. 15 points
4--Wes B. 10 points
5--Cliff S. 5 points

Next week is double points!!! And it will be using part of the yellow trail on phase three of the swope park trails. Expect around a 45-60 minute race.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Halcyon Holiday

Have been getting great reception about the Halcyon Holiday Gravel Grinder. Keep spreading the good word! I want to see 100+ of you on December 18, let's make it happen :)

Details here: http://mtbkc.blogspot.com/2010/08/december-18halcyon-holiday.html

Got a little blurb on Gravel Grinder News.

And Cornbread is gonna try to round up some peeps from Nebraskey to come down and show us how to ride gravel. You may have heard of this Cornbread guy...he won a little race called the Dirty Kanza 2010, in 13 hours. (bug eyes)

and the route down right now is tentative...until I get out and ride it (which may not be until september, october or november) no route is final...be rest assured though that I will have an official map on mapmyride to download at least 2 weeks prior to the race. And of couse I'll have cue sheets for you, courtesy of my tuition dollars at UMKC :)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

December 18...Halcyon Holiday

In the spirit of the Dirty Kanza, Gravel Worlds, Farmhouse Classic, Chucky's Challenge, CIREM, Trans-Iowa, and Guru's Gravel Grinders...

MTB-KC Presents:

Halcyon Holiday Gravel Grinder.


Ride begins 8 am at Hy-Vee, 23rd and Kasold, Lawrence, Kansas.

Saturday December 18, 2010.

Route is entirely self-supported. It will pass through 3 towns with gas stations/restaurants/etc (Ottawa, Wellsville, Baldwin City).

Route is 73 miles with lots of gravel roads and some pavement through towns. The first 6-ish miles will be on multi-use trail south of Lawrence and go across the Clinton Lake dam before getting into some nasty rolling gravel going south to Ottawa.

mtbkc.blogspot.com for the latest.

August 4 Short Track Results

1-Andy Lucas 25 points
2-JP Brocket 20 points
3-Josh Patterson 15 points
4-Cliff Straub 10 points
5-Tim Green 5 points

Overall is now being kept on the right side.

See you next week. Good warm-up for RIM :)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Serengei Swing @ Blue River

Tuesday August 17.
Warm-up/registration--5:45 pm
First racer--6:30 pm
1 lap clockwise, Wagon-->Serengeti Trails
Fastest time is the winner.
Top ten earn oints towards overall MTB-KC King/Queen of Kansas City.

Shawnee Mission Park Dirty Time Trial

Wednesday August 18.
Warm-up/registration--5:45 pm
First racer--6:30 pm
Counterclockwise lap on the orange loop.
Fastest time wins.
Top ten earn overall points towards MTB-KC King/Queen of Kansas City.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Stocksdale/Walnut Woods Night XC

Friday August 20.

Warm-up/registation: 7 pm
Race begins: 8 pm
3 laps, Counter-clockwise

Smithville Spiderfest Short Track

Saturday August 21
3:00 pm Group ride/run/hike begins
5:30 pm Check-in for short track race, sailboat cove.
5:45 pm Short Track race begins around Sailboat Cove.
6:15 pm Food provided by Earthriders Trails Association
7:00 pm Prize Raffle

For more information about the ERTA Smithville Spiderfest please visit:

The Short Track race will run for approximately 20 minutes.
Top Ten placers earn points toward overall crown of MTB-KC King/Queen of Kansas City.

sailboat cove directions: http://earthriders.com/trails/trail.php?s=mo&file=smithville.xml

Trail map:http://www.northlandtrails.org/maps/smvmtb.htm

Scout Camp Super-D Details

Sunday August 22
Warm-ups/Registration @ Start line: 2 pm
First runs begin: 3 pm
Combined time of 2 runs.
Top Ten recieve points towards MTB-KC King/Queen of Kansas City.

MTB-KC Tour of Kansas City Challenge

Let's hope this extreme-o dry weather holds up for another couple weeks. Here is the new schedule of the MTB-KC Tour of Kansas City Challenge. Same old races, a few new ones :) Should be a good time.

Tuesday 8-17 Serengeti Swing Time Trial @ Minor Park
Wednesday 8-18 Shawnee Mission Park Dirty Time Trial
Thursday 8-19 Swope Cross Country Criterium
Friday 8-20 Stocksdale/Walnut Woods Cross Country Race
Saturday 8-21 Smithville Spiderfest Short Track
Sunday 8-22 Scout Camp Super-D @ Landahl

Besides the individual race challenges, there will be an overall challenge as well. Top ten from every race will accumuliate overall points based upon this scale:

1st--100 points
2nd--90 points
3rd--80 points
4th--70 points
5th--60 points
6th--50 points
7th--40 points
8th--30 points
9th--20 points
10th--10 points

We'll see who can hold up to 6 days of racing in a row to be crowned the:
MTB-KC King of Kansas City.
MTB-KC Queen of Kansas City

brett shoffner.
seven ate five, 9 seven 9,too, seven zero, 6.
bscm8 (at) umkc (dot) edu

See you then.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Tour of KC events postponed.

Due to personal issues, I have decided to postpone the MTB Tour of Kansas City events for this week.

They will be rescheduled.

This includes:

August 4--SMP Dirty Time Trial
August 5--Swope Short Track Race
August 7--Landahl Super-D

The short track series will resume normally August 12. August 19 will be a double points night.

If you feel the need to have an explanation please visit kcrastarider.blogspot.com and read the italicized text in the latest posting.

Thank you all for your support of these events and I'll see you august 12!