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  • August 11 - Dusk Dash @ Swope Park (Night MTB Ride)

Friday, December 24, 2010

2011 upcoming promotions...

January 15, Saturday, 9:00 am--Gravel between the Lakes, Metric Century Gravel Grinder, Starts and Ends at Sunflower OUtdoor and Bike, we'll head north and west toward Lake Perry then head south toward the Kansas River and Clinton Lake, go across the dam and swing out towards Lonestar Lake before coming back into town near Haskell.

February 12, Saturday, 9:00 am--MetroGreen Loop, mileage undetermined at this time...using paved/limestone trails in kc with some potential for easy singletrack also. There will also be some pavement to get between some stuff...I'm thinking around 80 miles with a lunch stop around 50....of course it is february and i could be completely off my rocker...we'll see how winter is treating us here in a month or so...

Spring 2011
Beginning early March I will be hosting a weekly track race series. yes that's right TRACK RACING SERIES. as in fixies...i don't care if you have drop bars though, what gear you run, or what tires you have either. this will not be in the same place every week, but will be in the same general area (midtownish) and will vary between paved and grass tracks. I literally just thought this up an hour ago, so more details to come when I get back into KC and get some scouting done...I am going to try and have the days and times (which will be the same every week) and venues all lined up for an 8 race series. Most likely Wednesday nights. Keep it open.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

pic from mr. weibe

new pic at the top is from the halcyon holiday gravel grinder courtesy of warran wiebe ...good group shot on a pavement connection.

see you january 15th for gravel between the lakes! another brutal metric century between lakes perry, clinton and lonestar. more details coming soon!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

hhgg photos

ok got it figured out...that was quick...short re-cap below the photos!

Halcyon Holiday Gravel Grinder wrap-up and next production...

WOW! What an absolutely awesome turnout! 20-25 people came out to tackle some gravel south of Lawrence, Kansas, USA. A big group held together most all the ride, and the sun finally decided to come out from behind the clouds at the end of the ride. A perfect 5-10 mph south wind wasn't cold, but wasn't warm going in to it or getting the cross wind, but it sure was nice going back to Lawrence from Baldwin. And how'd you guys like 1750 road after the overlook point? :) It's one of my favorite parts at least.

I was so psyched I got to share that route with everyone that came out...even though I need to work on my directional cues and even though I got dropped on my own ride :) We did have some good exploration, including a little "freeway" ride on the freshly graded dirt of the brand new highway 59. That was an unexpected treat. Sorry I wasn't there to clarify the "dead end" /gated road near the end...It's a very fun B-road through the future (way future) lawrence wastewater treatment plant. If you rode it great! if not, oh well.

john williams has sent me some photos already, I will get them up as soon as I figure out this macbook software a little more...if you have anymore e-mail them to me, bscm8 (at) umkc (dot) edu

The next event I'll be hosting is this:

Metric Century Gravel Grinder
Lawrence, KS, USA
Saturday Jaunary 15, 2011
9:00 am
Starts and ends at Sunflower Bike, 8th and Mass
FREE PARKING in the garage at 10th and New Hampshire
Map here: http://www.mapmytri.com/routes/view/26179510
If you thought yesterday had some climbing, you better bring your legs in January. Gravel hills north of Lawrence are nastyyyy.

See you all on the gravel again soon! Don't forget about our local series!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Halcyon Holiday Gravel Grinder juicy details

Route map:

Start: 9 am Sunflower Outdoor and Bike, 8th and Mass
Finish: Sunflower Outdoor and Bike
Pit Stops: Baldwin x2 (miles 23 and 46), Wellsville (mile 36)
Metric Century. 63 miles total
Make sure you know directions north, south, east, west, or are with someone who does.

Bike Recommendations:
OK, I am riding a fixed gear, mtb frame set up with cx components (skinny carbon fork, drop bars, etc). My gear ratio is 2:1 (34-17), but I like to spin a little more than the average guy to save my knees for later. If this were a race, I would probably run something more like 2.3:1 (34-15, 39-17, 46-20, 43-19, -ish ranges). I have front brake only and feel like this should suffice, not too many hardcore sketchy downhills, as long as the roads aren't too icy :) For tires I have a 38cc Specialized Crossroads in the front and a 35cc Ritchey Speedmax on the rear (both are faster rolling treads with side knobbies, highly recommend them for gravel) and I plan to run about 55 psi up front and about 58-60 psi in the rear. I would recommend around the same PSI ranges for your Cross bike set-ups.

If you're coming on a mtb don't worry! I've done plenty of gravel grinders on my fat knobbies. Definitely try to get some fast rolling tires if you can or even some fatty slicks would work. I've done gravel grinders on full suspension bikes, full rigid mtbs and front suspension mtbs. For full suspensions I recommend putting on your pro pedal or locking out the rear suspension and probably the front for most parts too, until you get fatigued (suspension on gravel is really nice sometimes :) Run 60 psi in your fatty tires, they'll suck up a lot of shock and higher psi will let you roll faster.

For rigid mtb guys, 50 psi will take a little of the edge off and still not make you feel like your bogging in the sand. Ergon grips are helpful as hell, so are bar ends. Dead wrists due to bad position and lack of position options is way too common in these type of rides...move around your bars, a lot, your arms will thank you later.

make sure you have at least 2 tubes, and a hand pump or co2. I will have a schreader adapter for gas station air when we roll through towns so we can pop some in there if needed, but you gotta get there! Also recommended is multi-tool, chain breaker, extra links, zip ties, patch kit, and emergency tire boots. And TP. This is what I'll be packing, along with 2 water bottles.

dress in layers...it's supposed to be 28 when we take off and around 40 by rides end. I recommend starting cold, we'll warm up fast in the rollers south of town, and go through 3 towns for warm-up opportunities and gain 12-15 degrees during the time we'll be out.

see you tomorrow!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Halcyon Holiday & Gravel between the Lakes

This weekend!!!!!!

Halcyon Holiday

January 15
Gravel Between the Lakes
Metric Century Gravel Grinder

Monday, December 13, 2010

halcyon map

details below.

Halcyon Holiday details

OK folks, this week is it, the long anticipated Halcyon Holiday Gravel Grinder is here!!!

Metric Century!
Will have 3 potential pit stop areas! (Baldwin x2 and Wellsville)
Gravel, roller, gravel, roller and repeat...bring your legs!
Ride starts at 9:00 am sharp.
Sunflower Outdoor and Bike
8th and Massachusetts, Lawrence, Kansas, USA
Cue sheets and maps will be provided.
Route can be viewed here: http://www.mapmytri.com/routes/view/26131428\
We will break into fast and slow guys once we get out of Lawrence going south.
Please bring tubes, patch kit, air pump, cell phone, flares, etc.

questions, bscm8 (at) umkc.edu, or 785-nine79-too7zero6

mtbkc.blogspot.com for the latest.

See you saturday!

--brett shoffner

Friday, December 10, 2010

winter wander postponed

hey everyone:

the winter wander ride scheduled for sunday has been postponed due to surely terribly cold weather. See you next week in Lawrence for the Halcyon HOliday Gravel Grinder.

--brett shoffner

Friday, December 3, 2010

Winter Wander Dirty Road Ride

More details:

Gonna be about 50 miles.
Probably 60%+ pavement. Also lots of river levees. And some easy singletrack.

Route will go: West Bottoms, Kansas River, MO River, East Bottoms, Blue River, Stadium Area, Swope Park, Trolly Track Trail.

This ride will be no-drop (at least from my stand-point). Fast guys can go ahead, but no guarentee that you'll know where to go. This is a dirty exploration ride.

You can figure it out from there, for now :)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

MTB-KC Dirty Road Ride Series

December 12, Sunday, 9:00 am--Winter Wander Dirty Road Ride (from Volker Velowerx-18th street)

December 18, Saturday 9:00 am--Halcyon Holiday Gravel Grinder (from Sunflower Bikes)

January 15, Saturday, 9:00 am--Gravel between the Lakes (likely from Free State High)

February 12, Saturday, 9:00 am--MetroGreen Loop. (likely from Volker 39)

also, see below or guru's gravel grinders.