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Friday, December 24, 2010

2011 upcoming promotions...

January 15, Saturday, 9:00 am--Gravel between the Lakes, Metric Century Gravel Grinder, Starts and Ends at Sunflower OUtdoor and Bike, we'll head north and west toward Lake Perry then head south toward the Kansas River and Clinton Lake, go across the dam and swing out towards Lonestar Lake before coming back into town near Haskell.

February 12, Saturday, 9:00 am--MetroGreen Loop, mileage undetermined at this time...using paved/limestone trails in kc with some potential for easy singletrack also. There will also be some pavement to get between some stuff...I'm thinking around 80 miles with a lunch stop around 50....of course it is february and i could be completely off my rocker...we'll see how winter is treating us here in a month or so...

Spring 2011
Beginning early March I will be hosting a weekly track race series. yes that's right TRACK RACING SERIES. as in fixies...i don't care if you have drop bars though, what gear you run, or what tires you have either. this will not be in the same place every week, but will be in the same general area (midtownish) and will vary between paved and grass tracks. I literally just thought this up an hour ago, so more details to come when I get back into KC and get some scouting done...I am going to try and have the days and times (which will be the same every week) and venues all lined up for an 8 race series. Most likely Wednesday nights. Keep it open.

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