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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lawrence Legato, May 22



Cue sheet:

Start Free State Brewery
Go North across Mass Street to Levee
Levee east to River Trail trail head
River Trail full loop
River trail start east until Mud Creek
Mud Creek cut-off to levee
Levee north (right) to Alexander Road
Alexander Road west turns into N1700 road
N1700 road west to E1600 Road
E1600 road north past the airport turns into N1950 road
N1950 road northwest to E1500 road
E1500 road north to N2100 road
N2100 road west to County Road 1045/Wellman Road
Wellman road north to 3rd street
3rd street west to Rice Road
Rice Road South to Hwy-24 northwest (turn right)
Hwy-24 northwest (approx 2 miles) to Phillips Road (at big curve in the road)
Phillips road south to 5th street
5th street west to Pawnee road
Pawnee road south to 3rd street
3rd street west to Osage road
Osage road north to 5th Street
5th street west to Linn road
Linn road north to 12th Street
12th street west to County Road 1029 (Perry will be on your northwest, gas stations here)
CO Road 1029 south through Lecompton to East 5th Street
5th Street east to Jones Street
Jones Street South until N2050 Road/River Road
N2050 east to E850 road
E 850 road south to N1850 road
N1850 road west to E800 road/Trailridge road
E 800 road south to N1550 road
N1550 road west to E700 Road
E700 road south into Clinton Lake State Park to N1415 Road (Old Church)
N1415 road east to N1402 Road (Corps of Engineering Entrance/Free Entrance)
Free Trailhead to White trail west
White Trail out to skills Park area
Skills park back to Blue Trail east
Blue Trail east to Free Trailhead
Free Trailhead/N1402 road north to E900 road
E900 road south to South Lawrence Trafficway Bike Trail (approx .2 miles on left side)
SLT Bike trail east through Sesquicentennial Park/YSI
SLT Bike trail east to Hollywood Theatre Trailhead
Theatre Trailhead north to 33rd Street
33rd Street east to Ousdahl Road (past Wal-Mart)
Ousdahl road north to 31st street
31st street east to Haskell Avenue
Haskell Ave north to 29th street
29th street west to Haskell Rail Trail
Haskell Rail Trail north under 23rd street bridge to Burroughs Creek Trail
Burroughs Creek Trail--Under construction, there may be some rough going
Burroughs Creek Trail north to 11th Street (public works department)
11th street west to New Hampshire Street
New Hampshire street north to 7th street
7th street west to Massachusetts
End at Free State Brewery

See you May 22 in Lawrence!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Good ride!

Thanks to Gabriel, Griffin, Micah, Dan O and the Dirty Kanza's own Jim C for coming out and making the inagural MTB-KC event a success! Good ride at a good pace. Finished 56-ish miles in about 4.5 hours, with a few pee breaks, a couple mechanical breaks, and a quik trip stop thrown in for good measure. Hope to see you all at the Lawrence Legato May 22! Look for levy, singletrack, gravel roads, more single track, commuter trail and just a very tiny section of road to get you back to free state brewery :)

Friday, April 2, 2010

New details for April 3


MTB-Kansas City 60 Miler Cue Sheet

Mill Creek Park south to Trolley Track Trail (49th and Brookside)
Trolley Track Trail to 85th and Holmes (gas station in north east corner)
Holmes south to 99th Street Indian Creek Trailhead
Indian Creek Trail west to 143rd Street (in Olathe)
143rd/Sheridan west to Ridgeview Road
Ridgeview road north to Kansas City Road Park (actual park-There is a Connector running northwest)
Mill Creek Connector (south of pond going northwest) north to Mill Creek Trail
(If you get lost here, head west to Northgate, turn north and go to the Streamway Trail Park)
Mill Creek Trail north to Starwood Park/Gravel Road (right before Shawnee Mission Parkway)
(This is a very long, remote stretch, be prepared!)
Gravel Road east (past stables) to Midland Drive
Midland Dr. east turns into Blackfish Parkway
Blackfish Parkway east turns into 75th street
75th Street east to Kings Cove Drive/Turkey Creek Trailhead (right before I-35)
Turkey Creek Trail north to Waterfall Park (Trail ends)
Through Waterfall Park to Merriam Drive
Merriam Drive northeast turns into Southwest Blvd.
Southwest Blvd northeast to 31st street (Quik Trip)
31st street east to Roanoke Road
Roanoke Road south to 43rd Street (Cross Southwest Trafficway)
43rd street east to JC Nichols Parkway/Mill Creek Park
Finish at Mill Creek Park

Route will be about 60 miles of a lot of commuter trail and bike route connections.

See you there!

We're still on!

[b]This event is still on![/b]

Hello all:

The singletrack is portion of tomorrow's MTB-KC ride is obviously going to get cut out, but there will be an alternate route we will be taking. This ride will be road bike friendly (but bumpy), super cross bike friendly, obviosuly MTB friendly and probably end up around 75 miles on mostly some commuter trail routes and roads. Meet at 8 am on the Plaza by the horse statue in JC nichols park if you would like to join the adventure. Cue sheets will be provided. Good weather tomorrow, no rain and sunny! see mtbkc.blogspot.com for more

hope to see you there.
--brett shoffner

More details in about an hour...