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Friday, August 6, 2010

Smithville Spiderfest Short Track

Saturday August 21
3:00 pm Group ride/run/hike begins
5:30 pm Check-in for short track race, sailboat cove.
5:45 pm Short Track race begins around Sailboat Cove.
6:15 pm Food provided by Earthriders Trails Association
7:00 pm Prize Raffle

For more information about the ERTA Smithville Spiderfest please visit:

The Short Track race will run for approximately 20 minutes.
Top Ten placers earn points toward overall crown of MTB-KC King/Queen of Kansas City.

sailboat cove directions: http://earthriders.com/trails/trail.php?s=mo&file=smithville.xml

Trail map:http://www.northlandtrails.org/maps/smvmtb.htm

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