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  • August 11 - Dusk Dash @ Swope Park (Night MTB Ride)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Tour of KC events postponed.

Due to personal issues, I have decided to postpone the MTB Tour of Kansas City events for this week.

They will be rescheduled.

This includes:

August 4--SMP Dirty Time Trial
August 5--Swope Short Track Race
August 7--Landahl Super-D

The short track series will resume normally August 12. August 19 will be a double points night.

If you feel the need to have an explanation please visit kcrastarider.blogspot.com and read the italicized text in the latest posting.

Thank you all for your support of these events and I'll see you august 12!


  1. Anyone interested in showing up to do some laps on thursday anyway?

  2. i think it's actually back on, but i'm not positive about that. i'll be there.