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Friday, July 16, 2010

1st Night Short Track Results

Good hard race last night. I promptly vomed after the 3 laps of hell. Good for the heart, lungs and legs though. Super fast course, once it burns in a little more people that know how to handle cross bikes will murder this course. Results from last night and series points...

1-Wes B. 25 points
2-Brett S. 20 points
3-Tyler S. 15 points
4-Todd B. 10 ponts
5-Phil W. 5 points

The respective bike selection was fully rigid Single speed 29r, front suspension Single Speed 29r, full suspension 26r, cross bike, cross bike, for those of you comtemplating bike selections.


  1. Sounds fun, hopefully i can make it out there soon!

  2. what about his week? are the trails to wet to race?

  3. off tonight, still too wet unfortunately, see you next week hopefully!