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Saturday, March 13, 2010

MTB-KC 90 miler Details

Official Details...

Introducing: MTB-KC 90 miler

April 3. 8 am, Start/end at the Horse Fountain in Mill Creek Park on the Plaza

~90 miles of Mountian bike fun in the Kansas City Urban Core!

single track trail systems: Swope, Blue River Parkway, Shawnee Mission Park
commuter trail systems: trolly track, tomahawk creek, indian creek, mill creek, turkey creek and roads to connect everything

Here's the rundown. Approximated it is 89.5 miles, who knows actual mileage.


***This map does not reflect true mileage as it does not include singletrack we will be riding.

Mill Creek Park Start

Start through Trolly Track Trail 3 miles

63rd/Meyer-->Swope 5.5 miles

Swope 7 miles

Swope-->BuRP 7 miles
Blue River Road

BuRP 10 miles
River Trail
East side Connection

BuRP-->Paved System 4 miles

Tomahawk Creek 2 miles

Indian Creek 13 miles

Indian Creek-->KC Rd park 1.5 miles

Mill Creek 10 miles

SMP Trails 10 miles
Figure 8 Orange-Red-Purple
Figure 8 opposite direction (minus red)

SMP-->Turkey Creek 6 miles

Turkey Creek 3.5 miles

Merriam Lane/SW Blvd 6 miles

Roanoke-->43rd 2.5 miles

Mill Creek Park End

This is a no cost show and go ride with absolutely no support from anyone but yourself and/or the group you are riding with. Plenty of gas stations/restaurants/bike shops near the route. come join the fun.

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