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Saturday, March 13, 2010

90 miler Cue Sheet

Cue Sheets are printed and stapled. Thank you UMKC!

MTB-Kansas City 90 Miler Cue Sheet

Mill Creek Park south to Trolley Track Trail
Trolley Track Trail to Meyer Blvd.
East on Meyer into Swope Park
South/East on Mall Dr. to Elmwood Ave.
Elmwood Ave south to Gregory
Gregory east to Oldham Rd
Oldham east to Swope trails
Swope trails countercloskwiseclockwise
Trailhead west on Oldham
Oldham west to Blue River road
Blue River Road south to Red Bridge Rd.
Red Bridge Rd. West into Minor Park.
South through the park to River Trail
River Trail south to Martha Truman Culvert
Martha Truman Climb south to Highline
Highline south to BoHaCa
BoHaCa north to Basement Trail
Basement Trail south to Ox Bow Run
Ox Bow Run south to Wagon Trail
Wagon Trail south to Serengeti
Serengeti north to Blue Ridge Blvd.
Blue Ridge Blvd west to State Line Rd.
State Line north to 123rd Street
123rd Street west to Tomahawk Connector (northwest)
Tomahawk Connector north to Tomahawk Creek Trail
Tomahawk Creek Trail north to Indian Creek Trail (right after College Blvd)
Indian Creek Trail west to 135th Street
135th Street west to Ridgeview Road
Ridgeview road north to Kansas City Road Park (through park-Connector)
Mill Creek Connector north to Mill Creek Trail
Mill Creek Trail north to Shawnee Mission Park
SMP trails Clockwise (red trail out/back)Counterclockwise
SMP Trailhead east out of park to 79th Street
79th Street east to Renner Road
Renner Rd. north to Midland Drive
Midland Dr. east turns into Blackfish Parkway
Blackfish Parkway east turns into 75th street
75th Street east to Kings Cove Drive/Turkey Creek Trailhead (right before I-35)
Turkey Creek Trail north to Waterfall Park
Through Waterfall Park to Merriam Drive
Merriam Drive northeast turns into Southwest Blvd.
Southwest Blvd northeast to 31st street (Quik Trip)
31st street east to Roanoke Road
Roanoke Road south to 43rd Street
43rd street east to JC Nichols Parkway/Mill Creek Park
Finish at Mill Creek Park

Remember, April 3 8:00 am, Mill Creek Park on the Plaza!!!

Be safe and have fun!!!

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