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Friday, September 17, 2010

9-16-10 short track results

people brought the skinny tires out last night...ended up being a good call, even though doug s still crushed everyone on his fully. kc cup is going to be fun, especially since we're showcasing some of the course we ride every single week :) ~!

9-16-10 results

Kat...25 points

Doug S...25 points
JPB...20 points
Tom P...15 points
Brett C...10 points
Adam K...5 points

Remember...next week we're moving race time up to 6:00 pm. Warm-up's 5:30ish, as soon as you can get there from work :) See you next week at 6.

oh yea...we start at the lodge/dining hall area!!! final set of buildings, top of the hill, I thought that had been established but last night showed otherwise obviously.

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