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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tuesday Night Universes

Thought Tuesday night worlds was big? Check this out!!!

Tuesday Night Universes
aka Tuesday Evening Cyclocross Races

Who: KC area Cyclocross folk.

What: Cyclocross practice races

When: 6:00 pm Tuesday nights in September, October, and November (bring lights in November if you got them!)

Where: good question...
September's races will be at Roanoke Park @ Karnes Blvd. and Roanoke Road.
October's races will be at Hyde Park @ 37th and Gillham.
November's races will be at Paseo Park @ 59th and Paseo.

Why: Get in shape lazy ass. Don't cost nothing.

How: Race 30-60 minutes of intense shit.

Cost: FREE. Always is, always will be.


mtbkc.blogspot.com for the latest.

Come be the champion of the Universe.

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