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Monday, July 18, 2011

Courtois Challenge this week!

details can be found in posts below...check them out please, it'll benefit you.

Original details:
THIS RIDE/RACE IS TOTALLY SELF-SUPPORTED! (ie: no "official" aid stations, see below)

Courtois Challenge
MTB out and back ride/race
100% singletrack!
55 miles.
From Council Bluffs Lake to Berryman Campground, and back again!
Camping and riding all weekend at Council Bluffs Lake.

Saturday July 23, 2011
8:00 am start time
From Wild Boar Campgrounds, Council Bluffs Lake National Recreation Area.

However, there are plenty of trail heads between CBL and Berryman (Hazel Creek is about halfway between both) that you can have a support crew meet you at if so desired, or if everyone was smart, they'd find someone to lug a bunch of shit up to Berryman for everyone :) WHICH WE CAN DO FOR YOU!!! SEE BELOW.

How's this gonna work?
No money, no license, no excuses, and absolutely no bitching. PLEASE be prepared, I cannot stress this enough. I highly recommend a water filter/water purification tablets so that you don't have to carry 300 oz of water (which still may not be enough during mid-July).
We'll meet at 7:45 am in Wild Boar Campground, at the self-pay kiosk (entrance to campground) to make it easy on everyone. We'll then roll out neutral until we hit the actual Ozark Trail (I will be leading so it will stay neutral :) I will be camping both Friday and Saturday nights at CBL, I recommend you do the same and drink cold beer with me after this epicness.

and of course, I'll be single speeding it :)

This will be an amazing, no pressure ride/race and great training for the upcoming Berryman Trail Epic. I will have a clipboard stashed at Berryman (I will be there). I will let people know where it is the day of the ride/race, once you find it, you will sign it, time stamp it and head back to CBL.

More stuff:
water/gatorade and bag drops. These will be available for you. I'll be on/off riding the route. We will have water/gatorade for you at BOTH Hazel Creek and Berryman. Also, if you want to have us take anything to berryman for a bag drop, we will be glad to do so (MAKE SURE YOUR BAG IS MARKED! WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE, yada yada yada). This should make the ride A LOT more tolerable and doable for folks.

Disclaimer: However, you are still responsible for you. We will NOT have room for people who bonk. we will not have maps. We will not have food/nutrition for you other than blue powered gatorade mixed with ice cold water and ice cold water at Hazel Creek and Berryman. Please have all your necessary tools/tubes/butt creme/water filtration devices/etc present and at your disposal.

See you saturday!!!


  1. Count me in. I'll see all of you guys Friday afternoon at CBL. PEACE!

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