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Monday, November 7, 2011

halcyon holiday gravel grinder...

it's that time of year folks! time for some dirty roads, and here's one of the best routes all year!!!

love this route. trying to figure out a dirt bike/ATV/car situation so i can provide support :)

Map here: http://www.mapmytri.com/routes/view/26131428

Start sunflower bike shop.

Go south until 19th street, turn right (west)

Continue through KU Park and Ride to gravel access road at last parking lot.

Take that south through to 23rd street & Lawrence Avenue.

Continue south through the light on Lawrence Avenue.

At 31st street turn right (west) and go a short distance to the Kasold Curve.

At the Kasold Curve, turn left (south) and continue to K-10.

Cross K-10 and follow the road around the couple curves to CO road 458.

Turn right (west) on CO 458 then left (south) onto Hastie Road.

Hastie Road will turn into gravel at some point, then back to a little pavement.

You’ll intersect CO Road 458 again, turn left (south) and continue straight.

Stay straight! On E 1000 road. (should be right before/right at mile 10 on cyclometer)

Continue south on E 1000 road.

Turn left on N 900 road.

Turn right on E 1050 road.

Turn left on N 800 road.

Turn right on E 1100 road. (Mile 13 will be soon) Stay straight when intersecting CO road 460.

Turn left on N 550 road (~mile 15.5)

Turn right on E 1400 road.

Turn left on N 400 road.

Turn right on CO Road 1055/6th street/E1700 going into Baldwin City (mile 23)

Continue on 6th street south to Dearborn Street. Turn right (west).
Go 2 blocks and turn left (south) on 8th street.

Take 8th street out of town to Orange Road/N200 Road. Turn right (west)

Turn left at E 1600 road. (Mile 25.5) This turns into Nevada Road in Franklin County.

Continue south on Nevada Road then turn left (east) on Thomas Road.

Turn right (south) on Utah Road (mile 33.5)

Turn left (east) on Stafford Terrace/West 7th Street. Entering Wellsville (mile 35ish)

Turn left (north) on Main street.

Turn left (west) on 1st Street/Thomas Road.

Continue west on Thomas Road to Utah Road.

Turn right (north) on Utah Road (mile 38ish). This turns into E2100 Road in Douglas Co

Continue north on E2100/Winchester Road until N 100 road.

Turn left (west) on N 100 road. (Mile 40)

Turn right (north) on E 1800 road.

Turn left (west) on N 200 road/Orange Street.

Turn right (north) on 3rd street. You’ll be in Baldwin City again. (mile 45)

Cross HWY 56 and stay going north on Eisenhower Street/E1750 Road.

E 1750 road has quite a few curves but stays the same road.
Please consult your map for forks in the road!!!
*Also there is a great lookout point and pretty gnarly downhill after the lookout point. ☺

Continue north on E 1750 road until N 900 road. (mile 52)

Turn left (west) on N 900 road.

Turn right (north) on E1700 road.

Turn left (west) on N1100 road.

Turn right (north) on E 1600 road.

Turn left (west) on N1175 road. It intersects with another road (E1550) and curves around to the north. Follow this. (mile 57)

Turn right (north) on E 1500 road. This becomes Haskell Avenue once into Lawrence.

Continue north on Haskell Ave to 29th street. (mile 59ish)

Turn left (west) on 29th street. Follow it back to the Haskell Rail Trail.

Continue north on Haskell Rail then Burroughs Creek Paved Trails their entire distance.

At 11th street, turn left (west). (Mile 61.5)

Right on Delaware.

Left on 9th. Into Downtown Lawrence.

Mass street north back to 8th and Mass. Sunflower Outdoor and Bike.

You kick ass.

see you there!

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