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Friday, February 18, 2011

sunday urban mtb.

Trails suck and I'm sick of getting hammered on my fixie every Sunday road riding with cat 2 guys that have gears. Come join me for some Urban Dirty Fun this Sunday afternoon.

Sunday Feb. 20
1 pm
Volker Bike Shop, 39th and Bell
Urban MTB ride

Expect to be off-road as much as possible, but there will be plenty of pavement unfortunately. At least have a CX bike, please...road bike will not be fun on some stuff I'm planning. Expect levees, cobbles, west bottoms alleys, dirt/gravel access roads, grass, paved trail/roads, old trolly tracks, loading docks, curbs, disc golf trail through cliff drive if it's not too stupidly sloppy, etc.

I'm planning on around 3-4 hours, plenty of bail out spots of course though since we'll be winding through the Boulevard/Bottoms/River/Crossroads/NE/and back.

hope to see lots of fat tires sunday.

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